Minister of National Education (Education Minister) M Noah explains, each packet about the National Exam (Unas) to levels of Primary School (SD), 25 percent of the questions set by the National Education Standards Agency (BSNP). While 75 percent established by the organizers Unas about the provincial level based on the lattice about Unas 2010-2011 school year set the school.

"From the whole matter contained in the manuscript about UASBN SD, 25 percent set by the lattice-kisinya BSNP, and the rest left to the school, namely the teachers," the minister said when met after work Rapar (Raker) together with Commission X of the House of Representatives of Indonesia, Jakarta, Monday (17 / 1).

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In addition, the former rector Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) also said, organizers UASBN for SD / Government Elementary School (MI) at the provincial level, are obliged to report the results of Unas primary and SDLB to Kemdiknas and BSNP. "At least, not later than two months after the announcement of Unas," added the minister.

For the implementation of Unas SMP / Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Mts), continued the minister, the participants declared passed by the educational unit based on junior high school grades / madrassas. "Problem test for SMP / Mts BSNP have on hand," he said.

The minister said the value of graduation used is fixed and in accordance with the agreed new formula. Namely, the passing score is a combination of test scores, writing or other forms of semester report cards and the value of 1,2,3,4, and 5 with a weighting of 60 percent to the value of a written test or other form and 40 percent for the average value of report cards.

Furthermore, for the determination of levels of high school graduation and vocational / Madrasah Aliyah (MA) is a combination of indigo written test, or other forms of semester report cards and value rata_rata 3,4 and 5. According to him, it is because the level of SMA / SMK / MA no majors. "For this, the value should be sent to the center before the implementation of Unas," explained the minister.


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